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Unique service that speeds up mortgage research and
improves case conversion. Complete a single form and get accurate affordability for all ‘mainstream lenders’.

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“Pay As You Go” - Only £2.50 per case

MBT Affordability pricing accommodates all firms regardless of usage levels. From high volume new build operations to IFAs that do a small number of mortgage cases.

  • £2.50 per affordability case (unlimited queries per case)



“How much can I borrow?”

This question is part of most residential mortgage sale processes. MBT Affordability removes the need for intuition, experience or guesswork. Simply complete one affordability calculator and you get accurate affordability results for ‘all mainstream lenders’.

No approximations or estimates - Comprehensive, accurate results in under a minute.



What advisers say about MBT Affordability


“We run all cases through MBT Affordability as it quickly provides us with a comprehensive and accurate affordability assessment which leads to more ‘right first time’ AIP decisions.”

Jonathan Clark
Mortgage Partner


“MBT Affordability is very much part of our sales process, it saves time and makes you feel confident in the information you pass on to prospective clients. We would not want to be without it”

Julie Kennedy
Company Director

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“Fantastic tool that saves time, makes sure we are giving correct lender affordability advice and is a great compliance aid. I would highly recommend MBT Affordability, worth every penny!”

Jamie Chapman


“MBT Affordability is a great piece of kit! It allows advisers to focus on advice rather than form filling. It saves hours every month across the whole advice team.”

Jon Lord
Managing Director



Fast, easy and accurate

One carefully designed form that makes it quick and easy to accurately input and update all case details:

  • Familiar layout based on existing lender calculators.

  • Help text for sections and individual fields.

  • Only complete the sections that are relevant to your case.

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Comprehensive and accurate affordability

We collect all of the data required to run all lender calculators accurately and completely:-

  • Single or joint applicants.

  • PAYE income, Company Directors, IT Contractors and Self Employed.

  • Multiple income types.

  • Help to Buy.

  • Shared ownership.

  • Loan and credit commitments.

  • Properties in the background.


Results in under a minute

MBT Affordability fills out calculators from multiple lenders and quickly returns the results.

  • Accurate results for all lenders presented on one page.

  • Easily identify the lenders who meet the borrowing requirements.

  • Focus your sourcing on the affordable lenders.



Why users love MBT Affordability

Case conversion


Never fail to place a case

Time saving


Comprehensive affordability research in under a minute



One calculator for every client regardless of case type and complexity

Which lenders?


Affordability for all mainstream lenders

Case changes?


No problem - you can easily make changes and re-run cases



Automatically create a complete compliance audit trail



Integrated lenders include:



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